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A ladder match announced for WWE Extreme Rules

Ladder match announced for WWE Extreme Rules

WWE had added a new stipulation for Bianca Belair vs. Bayley at the Extreme Rules. The rivalry between the Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair and Bayley had become more intense after her last week’s attack on Bianca Belair. In a recent episode of Monday Night Raw, the EST went furious against Iyo Sky in a one-on-one match after a brief confrontation with Bayley. Bayley has laid the Raw Women’s Title challenge at the Extreme Rules. In the latest edition of the Monday Night Raw, a segment featured Bianca Belair along with Asuka and Alexa Bliss. Bianca addressed the WWE Universe and recalled last week’s attack and how Bayley had used her minions Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai to overpower her.

Then Damage CTRIL made their way to the ring, interrupted Belair, and put forth a solid point to defend themselves. The Raw Women’s Champion then insulted Bayley in front of the WWE Universe while recalling their past battles. Hearing all this, Bayley lost her mind and put forward a unique stipulation for the Raw Women’s Title at the Extreme Rules. Bayley proposed a ladder match for the Raw Women’s Title at the Extreme Rules. Recently WWE also announced the official ladder match between Bayley and Bianca Belair at Extreme Rules. Bayley is looking to avenge her previous loss at Hell in a Cell last year.

On the last episode of Monday Night Raw, Bianca Belair faced Iyo Sky in a non-title event. Bianca started the match with full force with a drop kick in the first few seconds of the game. The competition was dominated entirely by Bianca. She destroyed Iyo Sky in the rind and delivered the KOD to win the match. Bianca left a bold message to Bayley ahead of their Extreme Rules. She is fully determined to retain her title at the Extreme Rules. It will be an exciting battle between the two contemporaries and a great spectacle. Not many ladder matches have happened between female athletes, so it would be fascinating for the fans as well.

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