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Oscar-Winning ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ Actor Louise Fletcher Dies at 88

Oscar-winning actor Louise fletcher passes away at 88

Now show some glimpse about over this topic, the actor is known for her excellent performance in Mios foreman movie ‘one flew over the cuckoo nest’ died at 88. After this movie, the actor shot to fame and won several awards. Fletcher died at her home at Montdurausse in southern France. She left behind two sons whose names are first name John Dashiell Bick and another name is Andrew Wilson Bick. The classic movie based on Ken Kesey’s novel explores bureaucratic oppression and evil tendencies through different stories of patients and staff of a mental hospital. The actor played the role of Nurse Mildred Ratched.

According to AFI means American Film Institute 100 years’ hero and villains named this character as the fifth greatest villain in cinema history. The character also earned the title of the second greatest villain of all time, only behind the wicked witch of the west. The film became the second highest-grossing movie in 1975. Interestingly the character of Nurse Ratched was softened compared to the original novel, and she delivered a subtle performance.

However, the most crucial aspect was her facial expression, through which she conveyed the character’s emotion. The movie was awarded in major categories of Oscar, including best director, best picture, best actress, and best screenplay, apart from four additional nominations. Yes, this is true that she is famous for this movie, but it does not mean she did not find any more work in any films. She played a significant role in some tv serials also.

She had a successful acting career that lasted over 60 years in both movies and television and was also nominated for Emmy Awards in 2004. Her age is just like a number because she never feels she has gained some period. She performed all types of roles, comic or other, and showed their best performance in every part. She did it with great effort. Her fan following also feels sad or offers some apologies in their manner. So this is a tragedy to hear that news because the industry lost the best actor.

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