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BTS Released A New Version of Yet to Come for the FIFA World Cup campaign

BTS Released A New Version of Yet to Come for the FIFA World Cup campaign

BTS is ready for the FIFA world cup as they release a new version of yet to come: Everybody knows very well about BTS, today, all are fans of BTS, but BTS are fans of football. Yes, they are football fans; that’s why they released a new version of their song“ yet to come “to prepare their army (and the world )for the FIFA world cup in Qatar later this year.

On Friday, the Pop superstar teamed up with Hyundai for this purpose. The primary purpose of the video is to celebrate the car brand Goal of the century campaign, following the group singing and rapping their track from top to roof as clips of people worldwide watching soccer game flash on the screen. The inspirational video ends with a close-up of the boys before they are seen hugging each other and the words,“ The most extraordinary moment is yet to come.“ The new video comes a day J hoped joined crush on his single (Rush Hour).

The band is on a break as most members pursue solo endeavors. They celebrated their anniversary in July and shared a sweet message with their fans. Their fan following is increasing day by day. The well-known name is also for children Many moments were spent together. They spent many moments with each together, and they are so happy or glad to have such an opportunity to reflect on our memories like this. They feel connected through their song and dance They also admit this and clearly said it in their July statement.

Apart from this, they are eager to perform in the future and happy to be a part of it. There are pictures and articles related to this topic that anyone can find on social networking sites, including all issues like release dates, etc. Talking about the showpiece event, it is just around the corner in the midst of all this, the tournament’s official anthem is now grabbing the headlines for all the obvious reasons. The South Korean automaker has also given an intriguing sneak peek of the music video on Instagram.

Featured Image Credit: Rolling Stone India

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