How to convert a jpg file into png file and download?

Convert JPG file into PNG file

There are many options to convert JPG file to PNG file and to download pot same. Nowadays there are many online websites which can serve this purpose. One such website is User needs to open this webpage in the browser.

This website allows user to convert about 20 JPG files at once. File sizes will be up to 50 megabytes per file.

Online JPG to PNG Converter

After loading the webpage, then the user has to click on the upload image where user can upload the desired image which needs to be converted. After clicking on upload, user has to go to the path and select the image which needs to be converted. If the user wants to select more than one photo then they need to press CTRL and then make the required selections.

After selection, the user needs to click on the open button. With this the file will be uploaded to the conversion website. Then we have to finish for the conversion of the file. After that we can click on the download button and download the image. If we click download all, then the file will be downloaded as winzip or winrar file. User can open this file and extract the images to the desired location.

Convert JPG to PNG in local computer

The second option is to double click the JPG file which the user wants to convert. With double click, the image will open in the computer’s photos app is the photos is set as the default photo viewer. If the Window’s 10 Photos app is not the computer’s default photo viewer, then user will need to right click the picture and select open with and click photos.

After that user would have to click on Edit & Create tab in the upper right side of the photos window. Then a drop down menu will be displayed. After that click on Edit with Paint 3D option in the drop down menu. This will open the JPG in the paint 3d program.

After that click on menu and select image from the drop down menu which will open the dialog box. The user need to select .png as the file type and can save the file in the desired location.

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