Disney Treasure Announced as Company’s Next Cruise Ship at D23

Only few months has passed since the Disney Wish had sailed in July, the company is already working on its next cruise ship. Disney has announced that the ship will be named as Disney Treasure and will be featuring Agrabah styling’s from Aladdin. It would also have a glided great hall. The ship’s signature statue would feature Aladdin and Jasmine aboard their magic carpet. It would also feature Disney Park.

Josh D’Amaro revealed same during Disney’s D23 Expo in Anaheim, California on September 11. At the center of hall, the signature stature would feature Aladdin, Jasmine and Magic Carpet. They would be soaring together toward a new world of adventure. Disney Treasure will be similar in size to the Disney Wish. The theme of the cruise ship is “adventure” just as” enchantment”.

He also advised that ship will be scheduled for delivery in 2024 and will be the second of the three new cruise ships which are planned through 2025 following the Wish. He also shared the first look of Disney’s next destination at the Bahamas. It will also become a port of call of all the Disney cruise liners once it is opened. Currently Disney’s second Bahamas destination is situated at Lighthouse Point on the island of Eleuthera.

Disney is working with Bahamians to make the experience authentic. The island would be having all sorts of facilities for the guests. Guests would be able to dine, shop and swim. The island would also have a youth activity area, a water playground, recreation centers and a cultural pavilion. The important thing to notice is that 90% of the company’s site on that island is going to be powered by solar energy.

The company has advised that it is planning to develop a very minimal percent of the property i.e 20 percent and will be donating more than 190 acres to the government.

There were further announcement at the Disney Parks and Experiences Panel at D23 like Avengers Campus multiverse expansion at the Disneyland and details on the Princes and the Frog retheme of Splash Mountain. The opening date for the Tron Lightycle run at Disney world was also discussed.

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