iPhone 14 Plus demand fails to excite Apple

iPhone 14 Plus pre-orders

Apple had made a change in strategy for consumers. They had replaced the iPhone mini with iPhone 14 Plus. The early signs for the same are not promising as the company is facing more question marks with the new model. Apple is facing the prospect of lower demand for the iPhone 14 Plus than the iPhone 13 mini which was released last year.

Ming-Chi Kuo had made a claim which will surprise everyone. She had claimed that the demand for the 14 Plus is less than iPhone SE 2022 model. But currently, it is too early to talk about the failure of the 14 Plus version. But the lack of demand for the newer version has caused concern for Apple, especially considering the fact that Plus has a bigger size display which everybody wants these today. Also, the features are even better and more in line with the regular iPhone 14.

Maybe people are waiting for the 14 Pro-line-up instead of spending over $900 on the Plus variant. It would cost approximately INR 72,000 and has features that the 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max don’t have. Another point is that the price difference between the Plus and 14 Pro is just $100 in the US is approximately INR 8000. So it seems that people are waiting for the Pro version as the price difference is very minimal. But it is a kind of setback for Apple as this is the first time that one of their versions has faced such a low demand from the consumers.

Kuo also claimed that Apple will be jumping to the coffers with the demand for the iPhone14 Pro max. The company is also planning to tweak its strategy. They are trying to push the average selling price of iPhones in the market. The decision of keeping some features exclusive to the Pros would work like a charm. We will have to see in the coming weeks how Apple is going to handle the demand for the iPhone 14 and what the will be delivery timeline. Only time will tell.

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