Joe Biden says US forces would defend Taiwan in event of a Chinese invasion

Joe Biden says US forces would defend Taiwan

US President Joe Biden has again conveyed that US forces would be defending Taiwan if China tries to invade them. This has been his most explicit statement so far on the issue. He said that the US would fully support Taiwan in case of any unprecedented attack. A White House spokesperson clarified that US policy towards Taiwan has not changed. The Chinese foreign ministry on the other hand had said that China had pushed forward stern reservations with the US and they do have the full right to take any necessary measures in response to actions that would split the nation apart. Taiwan’s foreign ministry expressed gratitude to Biden for affirming the United States rock-solid promise of security to them. They declared that Taiwan would be resisting all authoritarian expansion and aggression and would deepen the close security partnership with Washington.

United States government is obliged by federal law to make sure that Taiwan had all means to defend itself. However, the law does not state whether the American forces would be sent or not. The United States currently has no formal relationship with Taiwan but does maintain informal diplomatic ties. Joe Biden was asked in May if he would be willing to send the military to defend Taiwan to which he replied that it would be the case and that’s the commitment that has been made to the island nation. Tensions over the Taiwan topic have been on rising since the visit of US House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi in August. This visit prompted China to conduct its largest-ever military exercises around Taiwan.

XI Jinping, the Chinese president had vowed to reunite the democratically governed island nation. Like his predecessors, he has also not ruled out the use of military force as a last resort. He had a phone call with Biden in July, where he had warned “playing with fire“ over Taiwan and had said that those who would play with fire will perish by it. Let’s hope the tension gets resolved soon and peace prevails.

Nobody wants another war and that is also between two powerhouses of the world. Let’s hope that common sense would prevail.

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