Johnson & Johnson launches Bay Area science and technology campus.

Johnson & Johnson launches Bay Area science and technology campus.

Johnson and Johnson have opened an almost 200,000 ft science and technology campus in the San Francisco bay area. The new facility more than doubles the company’s presence in the bay area, which has been a hub for life sciences innovation for decades uptown 400 employees will work at the facility. ”This campus is our down payment in our ability to innovate for the future,“ said Johnson and Johnson CEO Joaquin Duato at an opening ceremony for the facility in Brisbane, California. The new science and technology campus will unite the drug and device maker’s scientific and technology capabilities by housing Janseen research development, Johnson and Johnson innovation, and Johnson and Johnson technology under one roof.

The new site was designed to spur internal and external collaboration, said site lead James Merson, the global rapeutics area head for infectious diseases. The San Francisco Bay Area is unique in that we have Silicon valley, said Merson, who added that the region is well recognized as a hub for science and technology data science entrepreneurs and innovation. A focus on data science has become increasingly vital for Janseen. The company has made significant investments in machine learning and AL in recent years. As a result, data scientists have been wholly integrated into how we discover and develop our medicines; Merson added, “They are enabling us to go much faster than we did previously.“

Merson expects that the new science and technology campus will help the company continue to recruit “world-class data science.“ Data scientists and scientists sit on the same floor on the new campus.“ when people can articulate a problem to so they solve it more effectively when they are complicated“ Merson said. Giving data scientists access to research scientists can help them ”learn faster about scientific challenges facing us for various diseases“ Merson said.

The new Janssen facility, for instance, is working to develop a functional cure for hepatitis B. Because clinical trials are frequently a slow process in drug discovery and development “anything we can do to expedite and make our clinical trials more efficient is a good thing “he added.“he said that you definitely see a tick up in the ability of the team to solve a problem when they are physically working together.

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