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McDonald’s Business Strategy behind Happy Meal-Inspired Box for Adults

McDonald’s Happy Meal-Inspired Box for Adults

The well-known name McDonald’s (McD)will soon be selling boxed meals geared toward adults, and each one has a fantastic, slightly creepy figurine inside. This fast food chain also provided fries and a drink. A person can choose between a big mac or 10-piece chicken nuggets. The cactus plant flea market box, a collaboration between McDonald’s and the fashion brand in the name, is inspired by the memories of enjoying a happy meal as a kid.

The outside of the box is multi-colored and features a chain of familiar golden arches. The cactus plant flea market box pricing is set by each restaurant and may vary. It will be available in restaurant drive-through by delivering on the McDonald’s app while supplies last. The boxes will pack in one of four collectible figurines. Three appear to be artsy takes on the classic McDonald’s character Grimace, hamburger, and birdie, the early bird, while the fourth is a little yellow guy sporting a McDonald’s shirt called cactus buddy.

One other news about this is Halloween buckets could be returning to the chain this fall, so leave some room in your stomach for a return trip. The original design was named Mcpunk, Mcboo, and Mcgoblin. All looked like Jack o lantern, just with different faces. Mcpunk seems happy, Mcboo looks started, and Mcgoblin looks sleepy but probably supposed to look scary.

McDonald’s launching featuring a terrifying set of toys with two pairs of eyes from 3 of October McDonald’s will be selling limited edition happy meal for grown-ups, so now everyone who is a lover of McD gets a meal box in a portion fit for adults with a big mac or ten pieces box of McNuggets complete with fries and a drink. Macdonald’s has been on a social media purge deleting all its Instagram posts and replacing them with two uploaded this week, announcing the launch date for the new happy meal, and showing pictures of the four collectible mascots up for grabs.

Featured Image Credit: Business Insider India

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