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Microsoft to unveil new Surface series of laptops on Oct 12

Microsoft to unveil new Surface series of laptops on Oct 12

Microsoft officially launched the following lineup of surface laptops on 12th October, likely including a new 2-in-1 device called the surface pro nine and surface laptop 5. According to the company, the Microsoft fall 2022 event plans to discuss gadgets. Microsoft has not organized any in-person surface event since the pandemic, and this time it again looks like an online event.

The company is also organizing its flagship event around the exact dates. According to reports on both surfaces, laptops will likely come with Gen Intel CPU with up to 1TB storage and uptown of 16 GB of RAM.Microsoft is planning two new color variations for surface pro 9_forest and sapphire. The surface pro9 is equipped with the latest Intel processor from the Alder Lake family. The surface pro9 may cost 1300 euros in the cheapest version, and the surface laptop 5 with a 13.5-inch display may cost at least 1200euros, while the more prominent 15-inch model may start from euros, says the German portal in the future.

The top models of the surface pro9 have the Intel core i7_1255u, which offers an equal number of (P)and (E) cores. Specifically, our source cites the Intel core i5 _1235U as the base model platform, while the Intel core i7 _1255U is used in the better equipped and more expensive versions of Microsoft 2-in-1 tablet. The event will take place on 12th October at 10 am, a few hours before the conference begin. As it’s good news spread all over despite all there are some rumors also coming out from some sites such as Microsoft would be refreshing its surface line up with new products expectedly surface pro 9, surface laptop 5band surface laptop 3.

Rumors are that the Arm version would support 5G connectivity and could have a refreshed design. The surface pro9 could come in two new color options (Forest and Sapphire )in addition to the existing silver and black colors. Pro 9 starting price is approximately around (1,03,548)in comparison, the laptop five should start at (95,608)for the 13.5-inch model, while the 15-inch variant might cost around (1,19,474).

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