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Amazon-backed EV maker Rivian recalls almost all its vehicles over loose fasteners

Rivian recalls almost all its vehicles over loose fasteners

Electric car maker Rivian voluntarily recalls all 13000 vehicles delivered so far due to loose fasteners. The company stated that it would immediately begin contacting customers to schedule appointments for inspection and repair if needed. They will make any necessary adjustments free of charge at one of our service centers, and repair takes a few minutes to complete with customers’ collaboration. They have built the capacity to meet the needed action in as little as 30 days. They are not aware of any injuries that have resulted from this issue.

The fastener connecting the front upper control arm and steering knuckles and loose can cause vibration tires. It is important not to minimize the potential risks involved and to understand why the company is conducting this recall. According to the company owner, “in rare circumstances, the nut could loosen fully but want to reiterate that is extremely rare but does reinforce why we are acting with such urgency and also a caution .”In an email, it is said that the company decided to speed up development on future versions of its electric trucks and SUV.

There is a reason behind it, which is to aim to ramp up future versions of its electric vehicle; electric car maker Vivian in July also declared that it was laying off around 6 percent of its 14000 employees or around 800 people. This news spread everywhere and came into the market at a crucial time for Rivian. The company just started to ramp up production of its pickups, SUVs, and delivery vans for Amazon.

They announced the difficult decision to reduce the size of the Vivian team by approximately 6 percent. Rivian recalled 12212 electric vehicles over a loose fastener that could affect drivers’ ability to control the car. They convey its message through social media and networking that it recalls almost all the vehicles delivered to customers to tighten a loose fastener that could affect potent drivers’ ability to steer.

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