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Rob Zombie’s ‘The Munsters’ Review

Rob Zombie’s ‘The Munsters’ Review

There were pretty understandable fears when it was first announced that Rob Zombie would adapt the classic series The Munsters as a movie. It seemed like an odd fit that the man behind House of 1000 corpses and the ultraviolent 2007 Halloween reboot was undertaking a monster-flavored sitcom adaptation. Later the trailers for the movie hit, and a new set of concerns arose as the trailers seemed wrong.

Finally, the film has been released, and those who would sit down to watch it on Netflix or Blu-ray are in for a wild, surprisingly enjoyable ride. To everybody’s surprise, Rob Zombie’s Munster is not a bad movie. It seems pretty good and not at all the film that everyone had expected it to be. It is a 60’s era camp baked into the silliness of a sitcom shot against a beautiful and colorful backdrop.

The Munsters would easily be the riskiest thing that Zombie had done as a filmmaker, trading in his dark and gruesome horror trades and the animated madness of El Superbeasto for a genuine comedy. It is a kind of comedy that we would not often see anymore.

Director had fallen back on what made the original TV series work when it debuted in 1964. He has not focussed on updating the Munsters, which seemed to have done wonders. It is nearly a two-hour silly, goofy, and pleasantly overacted film. The film looks almost surreal how ridiculous it can get.

It seems wise and fresh to bring back The Munsters in 2022. It is an objectively silly franchise. Turning into a grimdark horror tale would rob its identity in the same way a grounded and realistic Addams Family can get. It might not be the type of material that he usually creates. Still, Zombie has done a fantastic job by embracing what makes the Munsters particular and putting it on display for long-time fans and the new generation who doesn’t know the old show. I am excited to watch the movie this weekend.

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