Whatsapp for Business iOS App features in new version update

WhatsApp for Business iOS App

It has been reported that Whatsapp is going to roll out new app features for business iOS to make it more attractive. It is developing a new feature which will tell the users about its end to end encryption details about the update of the status and calling feature. It will enable the user to see who and when any person have viewed their status update. This is most likely to be first available to the desktop users before being later rolled out to the Android users.

This is still under development, hence there are chances that final outcome will be slightly different. They are planning to introduce this information at the bottom end of the user chat lists. It was expected as they are also planning to add a footer which will contain this confirmation below our chats on a planned future update of the WhatsApp Desktop beta. They are also rolling out a new feature for the iOS users which will tell user more about the contact information. Whatsapp Business users can use this feature as it is readily available on then OS.

The WABetaInfo had advised that the new redesigned interface would be the same as the one which is already executed on Business info but in addition it will also include a new search message shortcut. So when user visits the Business info, they would be able to see the status updates submitted by the businesses. But this feature would not be available for normal Whatsapp accounts.

They are rolling out this feature in a slightly different way. It is advised that if certain people install the new update they might receive the new interface as well, but Whatsapp is also releasing this to some users on stable updates including Whatsapp Business.

They are also working on a feature which would allow users to edit the messages that they have sent. Currently they are able to only delete the sent message and have no option to edit them. In future when the user select a message they will have an editing option in addition to the copy and forward options for the message.

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