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Why Cardi B Is Feuding With Akbar V?

There seems to be a lot of tension between Akbar V and Cardi B. It seems to be getting worse and worse. It started when Akbar had tweeted about the rap industry. Fans began speculating that she was referring to Cardi B, who had just released her new song. Cardi B quickly responded to Akbar V and posted an image of a leaker video that had featured Akbar V. Akbar then responded to Cardi B’s tweet and said that the move was a “low ball.” After this, it was reported that Cardi B tried to get on a call with Akbar. It seems that both of them couldn’t sort the matter out, as Cardi tweeted later that she should have never argued with Akbar.

Akabar V, aka Valerie Raven, is considered a well–known musician, rapper, social media personality, and YouTuber from Georgia, USA. The rapper had many successful tracks like 3$ No.Tax, RIP Mama and Rehab. She is also a member of the YSL label, founded by Young Thug. She began her rapping career in June 2016 when she released her first song, Panda Freestyle. This was followed by RIP Mama, which was appreciated by the audience. Her other works include Leaked, Patient, Clown, Thug Me Like That, Choices, and Cold Summer. These songs became incredibly popular and added to the rapper’s wealth. She has been part of the reality show Love and Hop Hop: Atlanta in 2020. She was also the recipient of “The Queen of Atlanta Title.”

She also creates Youtube videos which give her a lot of sponsorships and additional income from the platform. She has more than 50,000 subscribers on the platform. She uploads vlogs behind the scenes and her songs on the forum. She was also in a long-term relationship with a man named Terry. The couple has decided to call it quits. She had a tough time posting that as her and Terry’s sex tape was released on the internet after the breakup, and the rapper speculated that it was her ex-boyfriend who leaked the sex tape. She is a mother of five children but does not have custody of any of the five children.

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