Woman with dairy allergy died after eating contaminated Pret wrap, coroner rules

A woman with a dairy allergy died after eating contaminated Pret-wrap

As per recent reports, a woman with a severe dairy allergy has died after eating a vegan warp from Pret contaminated with milk protein. His name was Celia Marsh. She was a dental nurse. The family was devastated and warned that more people might die unless comprehensive testing throughout the food supply chain is done and better labeling is introduced. Her family believed that the 42-year-old dental nurse would still have been alive if the company that made the coconut yogurt added to the wrap had informed Pret that there was a risk that it could have been contaminated because it was made in a factory that used milk.

Celia Marsh was from Melksham in Wiltshire. She died two hours after eating a “super-veg rainbow flatbread” bought from a Pret in Bath during the post –Christmas shopping trip in 2017. Maria Voisin is the senior coroner for Avon. She concluded that the wrap contained a dairy-free coconut yogurt alternative supplied to Prey by the Kent Company Planet coconut. The coroner said the yogurt included milk protein which had caused Marsh’s anaphylaxis. She concluded that a product marked dairy-free should be free from dairy. She further explained that the contamination arose because a stabilizer in the yogurt called HG1 had become contaminated during its manufacture at Tate & Lyle’s plant in north Wales.

It is further advised that Tate and Lyle sent the HG1 to Planet Coconut in the bags, clearly marking that they were not made in an allergen-free area, and Planet Coconut had clear documentation that had flagged this risk. Voisin concluded that Planet Coconut had not highlighted this risk to Pret. She would be writing to the Food Standards Agency, raising concerns about the labeling of the products which are claimed to be dairy free. Celia Marsh’s daughter Ashleigh Grice advised that Celia was the rock and the soul of the family, and on that terrible day, she trusted the labeling in the Pret a Manger store, and the contents were poisonous to her. There should be strict testing across the supply chain to avoid these problems.

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